Yacht Outings with Skipper

Would you like to enjoy a day at sea and learn the basics of sailing?

You choose the course and plan the outing: sailing on the open sea, to a nearby port, lunch on board or in a restaurant, a swim in the sea, or enjoying the sunset. There’s always the possibiity of whale or dolphin sighting, or of seeing big tuna, moonfish,flying fish, etc…

Get out and enjoy the sea, the sun, the wind, the coastal landscape, and an unforgettable day aboard the yacht Caiman!

Full day Price with skipper*
(eight hours schedule agreed beforehand)
420€ High season, July and August
370€ Mid –season: May, June, September, October
320€ Low season: remaining months

Half day Price with skipper:
(four hours in the morning or afternoon)
300€ - High season, July and August
275€ - Mid –season: May, June, September, October
250€ - Low season: remaining months

Two hour outing with skipper:
250€ - Year round

The skipper’s board is not included in thes prices; the gasolina and cleaning is.
The Caiman can carry nine passengers, excluding the skipper.

If you're interested in sailing with us, you can contact us at:  cell: 609338183 or by email: hola@escuelanauticasitges.com
We'll be happy to inform you!